Last night, a dinner for The Changeling at Il Buco in New York, you will note how it was set up like an impromptu red carpet and as such her security gave them space to shoot her. And she obliged.

But why not?

Her skin looks amazing next to her new dark hair, taken down a few shades the way she used to wear it. And of course again, the trench coat is belted over a NOT concave stomach. In fact, going from these photos, Angie is not rocking a 12 inch waist. Her waist looks normal.

Reports of starvation then were clearly premature.

Am told the images don’t do her justice. Even though they’ve shot her before, many photographers couldn’t contain their excitement, particularly when “she’s giving it up like that. She was on fire last night!”

Indeed, Angelina obliged them, gave them what they wanted – it was described to me almost as though she was reclaiming a throne that had been left vacant in her absence, not for lack of trying by others but because no one measures up.

Am I gushing? F*ck yes. I say it a lot. I will buy what they sell because they sell so well.

But will these pictures sell?

Hilarious comment from a pap upon reviewing his images later:

I always try to take a couple of bad ones right just because I know some of the weeklies buy the sh*tty angle shots for their stories. Sometimes those are the ones that sell more. So you know they been saying she’s depressed and all that so you know I was looking for the money shot and all I come back with in every one and I can’t find one they make up the story for. Maybe one of the other guys got one.

Tonight is the red carpet.

The Brange will kill it. Hopefully they’ll bring some Pitt Porn along with them.

Can’t wait.

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