Brad Pitt turns 50 in December. For his birthday, according to The Mirror and The Daily Mail in the UK, Angelina Jolie is buying him an island. It’s near New York. It’s about US$20 million. It’s designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s shaped in a heart.

Here, check it out:

I want to believe this because I am all Brange all the time, and if they want to make the Pitt Porn all over their own private love island, that makes my job more interesting. But the source…it’s suspect. It’s suspect, not only because New York real estate gossips would have been on this before gossips in England, but also because – does the Jolie want to spend more time in New York? Or would she be more likely to buy him an island in the South Pacific so her kids can be exposed to non-American culture?

Whatever. Yes, let it be true. But if it’s not, don’t be surprised either. Click here to see more photos.

Here’s the Jolie being affectionate with Vivienne and Knox in Australia the other day.