First came the Chosen One Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt and now perhaps, finally what the world has been waiting for: rumour has it Angelina Jolie is pregnant with the Second Coming.

She was scheduled to attend and speak at a UN conference in Italy but has backed last minute. As you know, Angie would never bail on a save-the-world mission unless it was super important, which is why Italian reporters first claimed over the weekend that she was feeling ill from early pregnancy. To add further fuel to the buzz, a spokeswoman for the UNlinked Pio Manzu Centre where Angelina was headed confirmed to the London Sun:

“Angelina cancelled last week. Due to her privacy I can’t confirm her pregnancy, but I can say that the Italian newspapers are correct in their reports.”

Of course it’s hard to say whether or not she was referring to the “reports” that Jolie had cancelled her trip or the “reports” that she’s carrying the Second Coming.

Regardless, the Brangelunatics are losing their sh-t. And bottom feeding rags like In Touch and Life & Style are scrambling to change their covers – after weekly headlines proclaiming the demise of the Family Pitt, this new development (if true) will require some more creative fabrication.

Angelina traps Brad! Gets pregnant so he won’t leave!

Can you see it?

As for whether or not it’s true – if it is, she isn’t showing yet. Photographers on the scene as she worked on The Changeling yesterday with Clint Eastwood report that she is as skinny as ever with absolutely no discernible baby bum. Am told however that she did seem lethargic, with one dude insisting (for whatever it’s worth) – my wife had that pukey look when she was pregnant with our son.

And about those adoption rumours that have been swirling – you’ll recall, I reported a few weeks ago, though not slamdunk, that the Pitts were looking into Ethiopia for child #5 and wanted it to happen by US Thanksgiving. Have heard nothing further to corroborate or debunk … will keep you posted.

Here’s Angelina on set yesterday with Clint Eastwood and also toy shopping with Maddox who is, as usual, rockin’ his signature bad ass style.