Oh this is cute. SOOO cute! Check out Miss Zahara yesterday in NYC wearing her very own name tag. I’m a cold hearted children-hating cow but even I have to gush a little …

As you were probably well aware, it’s been social awareness week for the Pitts with Brad speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative and pledging matching funds of up to $5 million for the Make It Right program and Angelina addressing a UN session on refugees.

Angelina is also scheduled to meet with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband to discuss “global diplomacy” which is obviously a coup for HER … but for him? I don’t get it. Why is the British Foreign Secretary, whose calendar probably doesn’t have a lot of free 15 minute slots, using up valuable time to meet with a philanthropic not to mention pulchritudinous celebrity?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe an ignorant smuthound just doesn’t get it.