Angelina Jolie and all six kids were photographed at LAX on Saturday heading to London. Where I grew up, in Toronto, the unofficial term for this time of year is “March break”. Some schools call it “winter break”. And of course in the US I’ve heard “spring break”. But I always associate “spring break” with older kids and debauchery. Tell me, does “spring break” apply to elementary school age children too? Does “spring break” apply to the Brange kids?

They’re on the move with their mother and, as you can see, with Miss Zahara holding Knox’s hand and Shiloh holding Vivienne’s hand, and the two older brothers keeping watch on everyone, they seem as close as ever. It’s now been over 6 months since Angelina and Brad Pitt confirmed the end of their marriage, and almost 3 months of relative peace since they decided to move the divorce into private negotiation. Which is why there’s been no status update on the custody battle but, I wonder, would we have already seen a set of pap shots of Brad with his kids if the situation had been resolved?

The last news we got about Brad was just after the Oscars, when multiple outlets, including PEOPLE reported that Brad and Jennifer Aniston are in touch again, and exchange texts from time to time – evidently an all-clear to start rumouring that they might be getting back together. There is no evidence that they’re getting back together. There’s probably more evidence that he’s with Kate Hudson. And that’s where the real gossip would be. How that might blow up the Hollywood Blonde Club.