Holy sh-t.

VOGUE just landed the biggest cover of the year.

Angelina Jolie. On the first page.

But inside…


Brad Pitt. Maddox. Pax. Miss Zahara. Shiloh the Chosen One. Vivienne. Knox. ALL OF THEM.

Here’s my favourite shot:

Look at the expression on her face. BOSS.

And this of course is in service of the upcoming By The Sea, coming out next month, and scheduled to open AFI. Needless to say then, supporting the film and promoting it is a full family affair. Everyone is pitching in. Because it’s Brange, and especially the ANGE part of the Brange, the best strategist in the business, she knows. She knows how much you want this, how much we all want this, how fascinated we all are by their relationship, their children, their lives. She knows the value of it. And she’s saved it for exactly now.

I’ll have a separate post about the interview and the article to follow later today. Click here to read it first.