As I’m sure you’ve heard, Dustin Hoffman “blurted” today that Angelina’s official due date is August 19th…which is only 11 days off from what I’ve been calling for months now: that the Pitts will birth their Chosen Sequels on the luckiest day of the century according to Chinese culture –

August 8, 2008

Apparently there’s this thing called a VBAC. Vaginal birth after caesarean. I’m not an expert at womb issues, as you know, but I’m told it’s rare to have a natural birth if your first was a c section. Something about it being dangerous.

The Chosen One was born via c section. If that VBAC thing is true, it would mean that the Pitts can elect to have their double deities whenever they want…

At this point they might as well be Mr & Mrs Wong. Especially considering Kung Fu Panda. What are the chances the Pitts will choose 8/8/8?

I’d say pretty good, non?

As for where the super twins will be born…she was asked by a Swedish journalist at the presser why they’ve chosen France for the birthplace and why she won’t consider Sweden.

Like I said – these people are cringe-inducing.

Angie said she had yet to decide. That they were still deliberating. So the Swede pushed on. He was like – ok then, come to Sweden!

To which she replied “Not this time… but there’ll be more babies, you know me!” There’s a nugget for the Brangelunatics who are probably peeing themselves with joy that more biological ones are on their way.

Other details:

Her 3 oldest children have seen Kung Fu Panda and love it. She reconfirmed that she’s carrying twins. The 2nd language in her household is French and she is learning to speak it. And tonight on the carpet she is wearing low heeled Cole Haan shoes with a Nike Air sole. GREAT plug for Nike.

Interesting to note:

A reporter mentioned that Dustin Hoffman starred in Midnight Cowboy with Jon Voight, Angelina’s father. He followed up by asking which of her dad’s movies is her favourite.

The entire room went still.

I fell in love with her all over again the way she handled it.

First she addressed Midnight Cowboy: you know, that movie was weird. I mean… it’s your dad playing a prostitute!

Everyone chuckled. The tension dissipated immediately.

She then proceeded to list off several of Voight’s films with intimate knowledge of each. All class.


A journalist from Hong Kong asked about tigers. Tiger in Cantonese is LO FU. There is an expression in Cantonese that refers to a female tiger – LO FU LA. The kind translation of the phrase is a tigress. The generally accepted pop culture translation is ballbusting tiger bitch.

He asked her if she was a ballbusting tiger bitch.


She replied that she had found an “even partner” and that the power sharing in their relationship is pretty “balanced”.

She also said that Brad was looking after their kids but that he’d put on a suit at the last minute and join her on the carpet.

Pitt Porn in less than an hour! I’m headed there in a few minutes! All the details tomorrow!