The Jolie, she eats. And it’s not carrots. It’s cake!

After a whirlwind trip to Cannes to join Brad Pitt on the carpet for Inglourious Basterds – click here to see their Porn on video – putting to rest (temporarily) all those incessant reports of a split, Angelina was back on the set of Salt in New York this weekend, celebrating the director’s birthday during a break.

Unfortunately for the Brange, the only way they can properly convince people they’re together and happy is when she’s pregnant. If she’s not pregnant, it must totally mean they hate each other and will break up any time now.

There is no break up on the horizon. There was no break up in the rear view mirror. They are a brand. The brand is intact.

As for the allegations that they are drag out fighting…

That’s the first indication of bullsh-t. The Brange don’t yell. It’s not their style. When they do battle (like all couples do), they battle silently.

As for how they’ll spend their summer, I hear that Angie was telling people at the Basterds afterparty that she missed the South of France so much and couldn’t wait to bring the children back as soon as possible. “Our French is getting rusty!”

Photos from Jackson Lee/ and DAVID KRIEGER/ANDERSON/VILA/