They did, they didn’t... they DID!

Breathe y"all. Breathe. Stop screaming. Stop crying. Get up off your knees. Shiloh would want to be calm.

So the Jolie Pitt twins have been activated – born in France according to Entertainment Tonight.

As for those rumours are swirling that they’re fraternal girls called Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane, this originated from a blog posting 4 days ago - - that has since been taken down. The poster claimed to be the best friend of one of Angie’s nannies.

Don’t you love the drama?

PS. Know what would be even crazier??? If the twins were born on the same day as the Chosen One. May 27. The Holiest Day of all time, like, ever. The ONLY day worthy of the birth of the biological Pitts. Do you love it?