The Jolie was centre stage yesterday in Tokyo at a presser for The Changeling and like the last time she wore grey, as you can see, totally gorgeous. Also putting to rest the speculation that she keeps wearing oversized togas on awards show red carpets because she’s trying to hide her alleged super skinniness. Angie’s always had very, very little limbs but I think it’s obvious here. She’s not wasting away. That is not a Hollywood standard concave stomach. Victoria Beckham would run away shrieking in terror about that stomach.

There’s also something very flattering about the neckline of this dress. She looks great, non?

So what did she say? No, no, not about the movie…who cares about the movie? What did she say about Brad? Well, Angelina was definitely on message. The Hello Kitties may not have understood but she was really speaking to the MiniVan Majority:

“Brad can’t be described using words but to wake up and see him with our kids, taking care of us or to wake up in his arms and look in his eyes makes me the proudest woman in the world. He is the man that made all my dreams come true, and making him and my little kids happy everyday is my number one priority.”

Ugh. Would you have ever expected to hear the ass kicking Angelina Jolie gushing about a man who made her life? You know I love the Pitt Porn. But I do not love the Pitt Rossum.

Where’s the porn? Bring back the porn!

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