Shiloh Jolie Pitt!

Make up your f&cking minds!

Now People is reporting exclusively, after having spoken to Angelina Jolie’s rep, that she did NOT give birth to her wonder twins who are apparently still safely ensconced inside their mother’s belly.

These two immortals are creating a frenzy and they haven’t even arrived yet. This is why they are the Chosen Ones – the world awaiting their birth with more anticipation than a cure for Ebola.

On a more intriguing note… if Angie is indeed still pregnant, it would be that Entertainment Tonight got it WRONG. Star Magazine getting it wrong is one thing. In Touch and Life & Style f&cking up is pedestrian.

But ET getting it wrong?

Monumentally embarrassing, non?

Oh I do love how the Pitts own the spotlight. And they love it too!

As for whether or not People is on top of it… word is, they’re opening up their coffers for the first photos which would suggest that the Pitt publicists would be more inclined to speak to them before anyone else.