They are the best at the game. Usually. And they rarely make mistakes. But while the Brange has kept the Jolie hidden for months, deliberately holding back her dramatic post-twins “unveil” for a big splash on the red carpet to promote The Changeling, the tabloids have taken liberties with her absence, with bolder, more salacious headlines every week – the latest is that she’s suffering from depression, that rshe efuses to eat, and that she and Brad are, for all intents and purposes, totally over.

These first photos of her emerging from hiding, arriving in New York in preparation for The Changeling premiere at the New York Film Festival this weekend, will do nothing to dispel those rumours.

Already they are saying her pregnancy vitality has been stripped, replaced by a gaunt Angelina with vacant eyes and a grim expression. It’s the Photo Assumption Game, remember? My favourite! Drawing conclusions based on nothing but a picture. And you can bet your boob job this picture will be snatched up by the likes of Star and In Touch and Life & Style to further their claims – an unusual flaw in the usually flawless Brange machine.

But then again…there’s the Chosen One. Getting more and more picture perfect every day, held by mom and joined by her 5 siblings, which means there are many more opportunities for the Brad and Angelina to make up for this Fail. Angelina’s stylist has apparently been planning her red carpet splash for weeks. Add that to the opportunities for candid images in North America – shopping with the children, trips to the park – and suddenly the smutty future looks that much brighter.

Besides, to me it looks like she still has her milking breasts. They will be on display no doubt when it’s time to pose.

Spending October with the Brange … gossip is good.

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