Angelina Jolie travelled to Iraq this week, risking her life to fight for the rights of displaced refugees. As you can see, she looks bunk. Super tired, super weary, battling through pregnancy sickness while trying saving the world.

The most beautiful woman, arguably, in Hollywood during an interview with CNN waved off the makeup artist, appearing on international television – and you know this will get aired everywhere – to urge the global community to do what’s right by victims of war.

How many other celebrities would do the same?

She also took time to lunch with the troops and looked much more like herself – fresh faced, smiling wide, digging into canteen food, and actually eating on camera!

As for that pressing issue – is the Second Coming on its way? The journalist went there, as we all wanted her to. Angelina expressed disappointed that even CNN would need to know the status of her womb and when the reporter replied that she had to, Angelina politely but graciously answered back that she didn’t have to answer, not wanting perhaps to have her humanitarian efforts overshadowed by any confirmation or denial. And of course at the same time masterfully keeping us all in suspense.

Watch Angelina’s interview here