Angelina Jolie is in Paris today. She was photographed at Vivement Dimanche in black, smiling at the crowd. Obviously she’s out there promoting Unbroken. And talking about her marriage too. You know that’s what all the entertainment reporters want to discuss. Like, if I was assigned to the Unbroken junket, I’d probably have to get off a question about the wedding too. Which, actually, is what I did when I interviewed her earlier this year for Maleficent. I asked her if the event was going to be planned by her kids. She indulged me. She knows how it works.

But have you seen the segments from her interview with Tom Brokaw on The Today Show yet? Even Tom Brokaw had to ask her about her marriage. Or he was told to. Although I don’t know if you can “tell” Tom Brokaw to do anything. Still, there was a flash of…something …across her face. Impatience? Towards the end, when she’s joking about not being a good cook, it’s gone. But initially, I don’t know, I feel like I’ve seen her do it better, even if she’s not into the question, I’ve seen her fake it a lot more convincingly.

Click here for the video.