Angelina Jolie showed up for the Universal presentation at Cinemacon in Las Vegas yesterday. So, basically, the studio is putting their Oscar campaign for Unbroken right up front, and obviously. Yes, of course, it’s important that theatre owners feel confident in the film in that it can make money. And since she’s so great at the sell, putting her face on it is the best way to get them excited about carrying the movie on their screens at Christmas – because, for them, at that time of year, it’s money first and then art.

Still, she and Universal are not hiding their Oscar ambitions. Unbroken is the film that’s declared itself first: we want to be in contention; we know the race hasn’t even f-cking started; we know we have a target on our backs now; but we think we can deliver.

This is a balls-out move. As we’ve seen in years past, the movie that often gets talked about as the FOR SURE BEST PICTURE often isn’t part of the conversation by the time the nominations are announced. See Inside Llewyn Davis. Right?

Anyway, for her trip to Vegas, the Jolie also had two of the children with her: Maddox and Miss Zahara – the originals. Wasn’t this just a fly in fly out situation? Come on now. Even those situations come built in with photo opportunities, right? This year is going to be FUN.