Angelina Jolie was honoured at the Producers Guild Awards the other night. She was accompanied, naturally, by Brad Pitt who can now walk without his cane. The Jolie wore black lace Michael Kors. Like it?

I’m more into the back than the front. But you’ll note the way the lace is cut in and out like that actually works to widen her, and she benefits from it, non? (I just interviewed Kate Bosworth this weekend at Sundance; she makes the Jolie look thick.)

Starting tomorrow, the Brange has exactly a month to make up ground on George Clooney for Best Actor. George seemingly has it locked down. And so Brange must now decide - is his lead insurmountable, or can they close the distance between them with some aggressive campaigning?

See now I don’t see George as the Jeff Bridges and the Colin Firth of years previous. Certainly he’s a favourite, and has a healthy lead, but it’s not slamdunk, sealed shut either. Just depends what others are willing to exchange to bridge the distance. Very curious to see how Brange plays it.