Is the Angelina that made her Angelina. This Angelina is the one I prefer. Could do without the mothering and the world saving. She’s a movie star. I want to see her in movies, starring as a vengeful bitch who outwits the assholes, and leaves a body count.

There are few actresses who can believably play action. You just don’t buy it. But even if you hate her skinny ass, you do buy Angelina. To borrow from Nicholas Sparks, it’s her “genre”.

Salt is opening in July. They don’t have a specific date. It’s the summer box office. It’s a competition. If Salt tanks she will hear it. So here’s a brand new cut of the trailer. There are a few love scenes, she doesn’t say much, she scowls a lot, and beats people. She also looks a little rough. Old. Still beautiful, but HARD. This is not the nubile, luscious Lara Croft. But in a way, it also seems to suit the scenes. Looks like a stark film. The lighting, the landscape, it’s the lady Bourne, and she’s worn down and haggard. I’ll see it. You?