She visited her ma on set today, this is The Chosen One Shiloh Jolie Pitt with her minders, followed by her sister Miss Zahara being nudged along by a staffer. Note Miss Z’s massive grown up lady purse. KILLS ME. What could she possibly be carrying around in there? Some stickers? Maybe a cookie? Love it so much.

This weekend the girls were joined by their older brothers at the park for some play time. Angelina was around, no sign of Brad Pitt. Perhaps he was on Holy Twin duty. And why so many sightings and photo opportunities lately? I don’t know... but someone else is promoting a movie right now, non?

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Hey, if they can’t let it go, how can we let it go?

As for Angie’s next project, word is she’s lobbying to play Maleficent, the evil bitch who curses Sleeping Beauty. Perfect casting? The MiniVan thinks so. There’s buzz that Tim Burton could be directing. Thanks for the hook up Johnny Depp.

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