It’s Dame Angelina now.

Queen Elizabeth made Angelina Jolie an honourer Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George on Friday on a Birthday Honours list that also included Daniel Day-Lewis, Maggie Smith, and Damian Lewis.

Some of you complained. And I would agree with you – that she’s a Hollywood star, and an American, and sure she just came off a busy week for the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict but there are non-famous heroes who deserve recognition and crabby crabby crabby crabby crabby crabby – but, you know, talk to me when you’re finished bitching about the guy from Homeland. Because if he’s there, I don’t see why she shouldn’t be.

So it’s been a good month. A great month. On every level. Maleficent was a success. Then she moved on to the Summit. Now she’s received a rare honour. Next? Unbroken, expected to open around Christmas and contend at the Oscars where they’re saying she could also be nominated for Best Director.

Not a bad year to be a Rabbit. The Jolie was born in the Year of the Rabbit. Rabbits can be…skittish. They like to wander. They wander when they’re not interested. They need to be constantly stimulated. I never realised this but Brad Pitt is also a Rabbit who also needs to be constantly stimulated. The key to a successful Rabbit-Rabbit pairing then is equality and equal intrigue. If they can maintain that, it’s a very, very strong match. You get it now?

Brange arrived back in LA on Saturday after their week in London.