Angelina Jolie arrived at LAX yesterday with Miss Zahara and The Chosen One Shiloh on a flight from London. The Chosen One, as you can see, was ready for action after being trapped on an airplane for 9 hours. Last year I posted some pictures of the Jolie leaving a store with her two girls and she had her hand gripped around Shiloh’s wrist. Duana, who is all about kids and cares a lot more about them than I do or ever will, wrote to me immediately all like, “look at her gripping Shiloh around the wrist. That is a mother who knows her kid is a runner”. As a matter of fact, I think several moms emailed the same thing. Shiloh is a wild one.

And last night she wanted to drive. Cute right? Check her out, jumping into the driver’s seat, looking really amused with herself before her mother brought her back. With a smile, or gritted teeth? When you’re on the road and your kid is out of control AND the paps are in your face, maybe it’s a lot cuter for the bystander than it is for the parent.

As for those wedding rumours – as reported yesterday, Us Weekly says it’s happening this year and will be a low key affair probably at their French estate with Shiloh running around knocking over the flower arrangements and refusing to wear a dress. Which is why she could never be a child of Victoria Beckham who recently said, “I love the French clothes for little girls. I like little girls to look like little girls.”

And I would LOVE to hear her say that in the presence of the Brange. I would LOVE to hear the Jolie answer her back.

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