Julian saves the Jolie

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 6, 2011 16:38:39 December 6, 2011 16:38:39

It was another case of the Sister Wife in sateen last night for Angelina Jolie in New York at the premiere of In The Land Of Blood And Honey. What is her deal with this material? And WHY does she insist on dressing like she wants to be on TLC?

Thanks to Julian Schnabel then for showing up, slightly more overdressed than usual, in what looks like sweatpants instead of pyjamas which are, as you know, his standard attire. Next to Julian then, the Jolie is sh-t to his diarrhea. And, as always, it’s too bad since Brad Pitt ... well... lately I’ve been totally feeling Brad Pitt. And last night, without the shades for a change, yeah, yes, definitely...

The hair, the suit, the squint...all of it...

He is still Brad Pitt. There is still no one else.

It has been 20 years since Thelma & Louise. Since Brad Pitt became The Standard. And in these 20 years, as he approaches 50, there is no new generation Brad Pitt. There is no one who can claim it. No one who we’ll still be talking like this about in another 20 years.

PS. Brad’s parents were also on hand at the premiere making it a family event in support not of their son but this time of their daughter in common law. What’s this about? Well, Angelina seems to be sniffing around, maybe, at some recognition of her own. Maybe the Golden Globes? Remember - they singled out THE TOURIST.

Wenn, Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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