Angelina Jolie was in Lebanon on Sunday visiting with Syrian refugees in her role at UNHCR Special Envoy. They also just aired her new interview alongside Louis Zamperini on NBC with Tom Brokaw. NBC had the exclusive first trailer for Unbroken too. She’s always had a strong relationship with the network and Ann Curry in particular.

Jolie and Zamperini seem very close during the piece. He calls her “honey” and “my gal”. She tells him she loves him as he’s the new “love” of her life. Brokaw jokes that Zamperini is her new boyfriend. It’s pretty cute. And certainly well timed, as always. In today’s open I referenced Manohla Dargis’s NYT piece about Jennifer Lawrence today and her comment about the Jolie:

“Some stars handle the lack of privacy disastrously, feeding the beast even as it eats them, while others turn their lives into performances that they deliver one item at a time, as Angelina Jolie brilliantly does.”

That’s a beautiful way of saying no one markets Angelina Jolie better than Angelina Jolie. No one sells like Angelina Jolie. She’s the master. And even though she’s still cutting her film and it won’t be released for another 10 months, already she is out there hustling. And in a way that’s totally beyond reproach.

You already know she’s the best for gossip.

Acting? Done.

Directing? Getting there.

As Sarah said to me last week, even when she attaches her name to a “hobby wine”, it wins awards.

No one else comes close. Not even Brad Pitt.

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