The early report was that Brad Pitt was supposed to join Angelina Jolie at the Vatican for a screening of Unbroken. US Weekly says that due to a last minute change in plans, he was unable to come. But there was a photo opportunity. And here she is, with Pope Francis, who invited her to show her movie for a Vatican audience. Reuters notes that the Pope wasn’t there for the presentation but did take time to meet with her because, supposedly, he was a great admirer of Louis Zamperini. It’s a great endorsement. Pope Francis is a popular guy.

So… is that kinda like, f-ck you Academy, I don’t need your approval, I’ve got God’s prophet on my side…?

Just in case that isn’t clear, the Jolie released a statement about the experience:

"Being invited with my film to the Vatican is an honor and a great tribute to the story that I have told in Unbroken. The story of the hero Louis a great example of strength and forgiveness."

As you can see below, Angelina was accompanied by Miss Zahara and the Chosen One Shiloh:


Yesterday, the Jolie took them shopping at a toy store in Rome. I love the face that Miss Z is making in one of these shots. It’s her birthday today. She’s 10. That’s a 10 year old who’s clearly very comfortable letting her ma know that she wants a better gift.