Sh-t. Wonder if it’ll be a bad day.

All this confusion about which twin is which – yesterday several agencies misidentified Knox Leon for Vivienne, or vice versa, I can’t remember, after the photo agency mixed them up. Can you blame them? Here they are side by side on the balcony and I’m STILL having a hard time telling them apart.
Brangelunatics were incensed though. Apparently it should be no problem. Whatever. They’re babies born from the same parents on the same day. They look the SAME.

Thankfully Angelina’s trying to help us out. She brought both of them out today with the nanny. I think Vivs is the one in white with a black long sleeve underneath. KL is simply wearing black. I think.

Anyway, at first Angie was holding KL. Then Vivs had a meltdown and needed her mother. So they switched. And the world was right again. But a few tears are enough. A Holy Twin wept. Just... be extra cautious while you’re out and about today. You know.

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