Had to laugh this morning after reading the opening line of the Angelina Jolie article on People.com:

“She may be the most photographed woman in the world. But even Angelina Jolie can fly under the radar.”

Why is this news?

Been blogging about it for years. The Brange is only seen when they WANT to be seen. Despite the Brangelunatic defence that they would never manipulate the media or choreograph photo opps, those of you not blinded by fan worship probably figured it out long ago. The Brange can slip in and out of anywhere undetected. And on those occasions when they are detected, it’s entirely because it was of their own doing.

So this is Angie, surprising everyone by showing up last night at the Hollywood Film Festival Awards gala where she was not expected to present Clint Eastwood with the director of the year award. Some press chose to forgo the event entirely after hearing she wouldn’t be there. And somehow Angelina managed to fly into LA, crawling with press and paps, and did so unobtrusively so as to not take away the focus from the man who is trying to win her a Best Actress Oscar.

The Jolie played it well.

But she looked tired, non? Like sh-t, actually. By her standards anyway she looked like sh-t. Needless to say, tired from the travel. From Germany to NYC to Afghanistan then California in 10 days or so? I came home from London and couldn’t remember my own name. Then again, I flew in coach with yet another baby screaming three rows behind me. They find me. They find me and they choose to wail their heads off. Ugh. Is it wrong to wish for family friendly flights and NON family friendly flights?

Oh save your lecture. I’m just asking.

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