The Brange is back and better…and BIGGER too!


Unseen for 4 months, as you know the tabloids chose to sell by telling the worst: that Angelina Jolie is starving, that she “looks in the mirror and thinks she’s fat”, that Brad is threatening to leave her. It was an easy assumption, especially she was so undeniably emaciated last year following the death of her mother.

But the Jolie emerged and the Jolie was radiant. Like flawless. Healthy and bursting with vitality in a soft gauzy nude blouse and also, you will note, showing off the slightest bit of leftover bulge in her belly, visible underneath her white pants.

It’s was a quiet but defiant answer to the rumours and also a reminder: there is only one. She’s the one.

This is Angelina at The Changeling presser yesterday. Am told she seemed almost shy at first, playing up to the excitement surrounding her return, almost flirtatiously demure. Word is she had everyone eating out if her hand in the first five minutes.

Of course.

And she cranked it up even more when she started talking about the film. Animated, fierce, at times emotional especially when relating her performance with her own experience as a mother, wrote a journalist to me afterwards:

Obviously we’re the most jaded lot in the business so when I say her star power is undeniable, it is. She is mesmerising. (That’s what) happens with a celebrity of her stature, I guess. There’s that “it” again, even when you consciously try to ignore it.

As for The Changeling – positive reviews and praise for Angelina is pouring in, even talk of Oscar…

The Academy gave her the finger last year. And paid for it when she and Brad took the wind out of their sails the day before the Oscars by showing up at the Spirit Awards with their twin bump proudly on display. THAT ended up being the story of the weekend. And everything else came second.

Will they make the same mistake this year and risk pissing off Clint too?

PS. One thing? Hate her long nails. Blech.

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