A dewy fresh Angelina Jolie showed up in studio at The Today Show this morning for a final push this week in support of The Changeling opening in select theatres next week and in wide release October 31st.

As you’ve heard, she also graces the new cover of W Magazine, photographed by Brad Pitt in a beautifully intimate pictorial with their children in France.

It’s presumably a short trip – a few interviews in New York before heading straight back to Europe for the kids as Brad shoots Inglorious Bastards.

Am impressed that her stomach is not concave. By her old standards, this is positively obese. There was a photog there who texted me this morning giggling that if you look really, really closely, she actually has like a millimeter, maybe less, of back fat under bra. I don’t see it…do you?

As for what she actually talked about in the interview – more on the movie, how unimaginable something like that would be, and confirmation that yes, she and Brad will adopt again eventually. For some reason this is being treated as newsworthy.


What IS newsworthy is me telling you that Colin Farrell is also in town and they used to have a thing and wouldn’t it be smutty delights if they hooked up for dinner? Friends can have dinner, can’t they?

Video is below. No, pervs. Not of Colin and Angie. Please! I’d never be so lucky.


Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com