Tom Cruise had been attached to a project called Edwin A Salt for many months. His involvement recently ended, supposedly because Hollywood players no longer believe he can pull off “slick action dude” with aplomb.

Salt tells the story of a loyal spy accused of being a two faced spy who must pull a Jason Bourne until he’s been exonerated. Or until SHE’s been exonerated.

Turns out, the GMD didn’t lose the role to a man…but to woman. None other than The Jolie.

The part is reportedly being rewritten to accommodate Angelina’s interest because the success of Wanted has reminded us all that an ass kicking Angie kicks ass. How many other females can demand a rewrite for an action vehicle in which they are the action?


Back to the GMD. It rained on Saturday so I took the kids to a movie: The Dark Knight. Oliver is 10 years old. Of course he knows everything. After the show, he insisted that The Batman was played but a different actor in Batman Begins. Insisted.

Finally, I was like… Ollie, you need to trust me on this one. Especially on this one.

He didn’t seem convinced but decided to change the subject:

Who else do you think could play Batman? I think Tom Cruise.

As you can imagine, I was aghast. First – how the child even knows of Tom Cruise to pull his name out of a hat like that and second, whose words is he repeating? I may be a childless shrew but I know…this was not an original thought.

Where was he exposed to pop culture corruption?

The answer: at hockey games, at neighbourhood BBQs, at his friend’s place down the block – the MiniVan mentality is strong.

Don’t ever count out the GMD.