After shooting in Washington DC for a week under a blonde wig Angelina Jolie was spotted back in New York today. Salt will continue filming there…which sets up a Chosen One/Little Sci playdate soon?

Bet you Tom Cruise is rushing home from Japan right now for the photo opportunity, and of course to stare at Brad all day while the kids are running around. 

Look how lovely her skin is here. Natural and unwaxy. Someone needs to tell her makeup artist.

Word is the Jolie has been happy and in great spirits on set. Very excited by the action sequences, super loose on set with the crew, pleasant to everyone, but also extremely opinionated about her dialogue. Am told she was overheard discussing with the director – no, it’s too early to say that at this point. I think it should be saved. That should be saved. Apparently she was repeating this over and over until he agreed. 

Whatever. I prefer her kicking the sh-t out of people saying nothing at all. Or a sex tape with Brad. 

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