Angelina Jolie is …all of it. A true super star. Perhaps one of the last true super stars. A friend of mine asked me after my interview with her a couple of weeks ago, “Do the molecules in the room change when she’s in it?” Yes. YOU change when she’s in it.

But for all that she is… is the Jolie also an embarrassing mom?

At the Maleficent premiere the other night, when asked about Maddox walking the carpet on his own and becoming a teenager and starting to date, Angelina revealed that he has a girlfriend.

“I won’t embarrass him” but I’ll just tell the whole world that he has a girlfriend. Who lives in England.

OMG, Mom!

How could you do this to me!

OK so the girlfriend wasn’t the blonde who was there that night. That was a cousin. But …remember when Maddox was in London for the Maleficent UK premiere with his parents and he had a redhead with him? See below:

(Thanks Stacy!)

It’s pretty f-cking cute, right? His mother, the most famous actress in the world, just outed his love life. OMG, Mom!

Oh and it turns out Vivienne was there that night in Hollywood. She just didn’t pose with her brothers and sisters because she didn’t feel like walking, or something. Another place, another time, I wonder if Brange wouldn’t have told her to suck it up and get moving. But I guess you can’t really yell at your kid on Hollywood boulevard with a million people watching.

After my post yesterday, many of you emailed to ask for more details and observations about my Jolie interview. What she smelled like. What she felt like. What she looked like.

She didn’t smell like anything. Or maybe that’s because I didn’t rub myself up on her. Her hands were not cold. But they weren’t clammy either. She wasn’t wearing much makeup. Her skin was amazing. Really well moisturised. No pores. And full. You know what I mean? Like there’s still a lot of elasticity there where you don’t expect it. Everything moves. As for whether or not she’s thin…

I don’t remember. Like, I’m sure she is… but I didn’t notice it. When you’re talking to Angelina Jolie, you’re not looking below the neck, you know what I mean? There’s no compulsion to look at anything other than her face. She not only holds you there but also, you don’t want to risk losing that moment. So all I can tell you is that there was nothing to worry about in her face. You don’t stare at her face and feel like she might pass out on you, that she might be sick. If anything, it’s the opposite. Her face is LIVELY. Lovely, of course, but LIVELY. Does that make sense?