Here’s Angelina Jolie with Pax and Zahara yesterday shopping in LA. Pax is now 9. Miss Z just turned 8. The twins will be 5 in the summer. The Brange no longer have any infants in the house. It should be time soon, non?

The Jolie, as you know, is not exactly known for style. But all her kids have a certain sartorial flair. They must get that from dad. The Chosen One Shiloh is all about great tailoring and a good blazer. Z clearly understands print mixing. And check out Pax’s nails. They’re gold and awesomely badass. And, of course, they’ll inspire another round of judgy mom debating:

Is the Brange trying to force their kids gay?

Remember when Jenna Lyons of J Crew was featured in a promotion for the label with her son Beckett and his toenails painted pink? The photo was gorgeous and loving and sweet. I loved their faces, smiling at each other, and her holding his delicious chubby bun little feet in her hands.

Well, and then it started.

They called it propaganda. They said there was an agenda, that they were encouraging parents to indulge in gender confusion. And the Brange has already been through this before. Or, more accurately, the Jolie has already been through this before. Because Brad is too sexy to be mad at and everything is always Angie’s fault anyway. She cut Shiloh’s hair short on purpose and doesn’t buy her dresses. And now poor Pax is being forced into femininity. Or, you know, maybe they won’t care. Because he’s not one of the white biological ones.