This was not the way the week was expected to go for Angelina Jolie. No Golden Globes. And she gets implicated in the Sony email leak. AND Jennifer Aniston gets a SAG nomination and an invitation to the Beverly Hilton by the HFPA.

It’s rare. Because the way the Jolie plays it, things usually go her way. Like, if they wanted to, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, they could have given her a spot in the Best Actress Comedy/Musical category for Maleficent. Frankly, that would have made more sense than Quvenzhane Wallis.

Today was a big blow. So the arrow is definitely pointing down for her right now. Down…but not necessarily out. The Academy isn’t announcing nominations until mid-January. There’s still time for her to work over the members, to make a significant push. You remember, Ben Affleck did it a couple of years ago. That situation was a little different in that Ben was left off the director list by the Academy for Oscar but his film still ended up Best Picture. Some would argue that that was a bigger challenge seeing that Ben’s snub was from the Academy proper and not the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The overall point though here is that if the Jolie wants to put up a fight, she can still make things happen. If she wants to put up a fight, that is. After all, she might decide to put up the “I choose not to engage in these meaningless celebrity games” card, fronting like she hasn’t been strategising all along. Oh come on, Angie. Where’s the fun in that?

Here she is yesterday after presenting at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment event.