God, all those children. There are so many of them they needed a mini-bus! Can you imagine? Every time they go out it’s literally a tour group.

On Sunday Angelina Jolie took her kids (minus Maddox?) to see The Lion King. I’m too stressed out by the thought of how much work it would have been to manage this situation to try and pick him out, if he was there. In addition to the Brange ones, there are appear to be some others invited along for the show. So that’s how it works, I guess? The Brange children don’t go out for sleepovers, but they might host the sleepover at their place. It’s probably easier. That way their bodyguards don’t have to tag along and do security sweeps over at the McMartins’ house down the road. But let’s say, for example, that Miss Zahara has a friend come over. Does that friend get a background check? How do you make sure playdates don’t end up on TMZ?

The day before, the Jolie went shopping with four of the six. They hit up a bookstore and a grocery. Does it crack you up, seeing her standing next to toilet paper, like just a “regular mom” running errands? There is mischief all over Shiloh’s face, non?