Angelina Jolie has returned to America. Showed up at the studio the other day apparently to do some work for Beowulf with Maddox in tow. By pure coincidence and cleverness on the part of the paparazzi, somehow photographers, amazing timing, were present to greet her arrival.

As you can see, Maddox was not happy to see them the day before his birthday. Look at his expression…kills me.

After a relatively uninterrupted French vacation, and non-stop proclamations of the demise of her relationship, including one ludicrous report of a fight over politics during which she threw a wineglass at Brad (!!!), Angelina appears as scrawny as ever which will no doubt do nothing to temper the tabloid fixation and the weekly accusations of rehab/death/heroin/Aniston reconciliation.

Perhaps this week they’ll get a little more creative. Perhaps by the end of the week, Angelina Jolie will be a lesbian again.