Brad Pitt is shooting Moneyball in Oakland. Yesterday Angelina Jolie was sighted near the production with a few of their children shopping for toys. They also popped in for a visit to see dad on the set. Coincidence or conspiracy? Yesterday was also the release date for Andrew Morton’s unauthorised Jolie biography which seems rather tame, full of details of how f-cked up she was pre-Maddox. Unfortunately, Morton was unable to manufacture any stories about hair pulling between Angie and Jen, or any accounts of the Jolie whipping Brad Pitt in their sex room while he begs for more. I’m begging for more too. I mean... that’s all?

As for Morton’s accuracy, well, The New York Times didn’t seem to be impressed with his sourcing, neither was the LA Times although they did acknowledge that the subject is so fascinating, you can’t help but compulsively rip through the tales of her life, tall as they may be. This is why she keeps selling tabloids.

As I noted yesterday during our liveblog, it’ll be years before a definitive Jolie biography is available and written by someone with the gravitas of, say, Peter Biskind or even the writers of Furious Love with legitimate access. Writing a contemporary bio is tricky. More time has to pass for people to be willing to talk. So we have to wait, wait until the good TRUE sh-t comes out. And there’s a lot of it, yes, but it has to be reliable.

Until then, there’s the Chosen One and her adorable Oakland A’s hat turned backwards, kickin’ it in cargo shorts and flipflops. So f-cking cute. Unfortunately the paps couldn’t get any front shots of Miss Zahara. I want to see her negotiating with her mother about her toy selections. Pax seems to be working on that skill too.

According to this week’s In Touch, “Paxie” doesn’t call Angie “ma”. Instead, all the kids supposedly refer to their nanny as their “mom” because the Jolie is never around and hates them and goes off and shoots heroin into her eyeballs. Or something. The magazine cites a witness who claims to have seen the Jolie-Pitt children a few days ago eating at the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa and “Paxie” and “Mad” threw down over some condiments and were overheard pleading with the “mother” nanny to take sides. This, suggests In Touch, must mean that Angelina hates her kids.

I’m more interested in Duana’s observation. “Angie’s kids are never ever photographed having a meltdown. Why is that?”

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