This is starting to become an obsession. In a dark way. I need to know how this is decided.

The outing was arts and crafts. The participants: Shiloh and Vivienne. Just Shiloh and Vivienne. So...Pax, Miss Zahara, and Knox aren't into arts and crafts? Maddox I can understand. He might be too old for it now. But the others? How is it that the others didn't come? Could it be as simple as the Jolie deciding that she hadn't hit this combination before?

Normally the twins are together. We've seen Z and Shiloh paired for years.
The Chosen One and Vivs is an uncommon situation. Like a shakeup. Is that what happens when you have 6 of them? You shuffle them around like cards?

But whoooooo decides? And howwwww?