Brangelunatics fell on their knees and gave thanks this morning as brand new photos have just been released of the Chosen One, emerging beneficently to shine Her golden light on Her subjects, knowing that they have suffered in Her absence.

Angelina took the girls to dance class yesterday and it appears the entire family is back in LA now after spending a few months in New York while the Jolie was filming Salt. This of course throws a new wrench into tabloid reports that said they would remain separate, as Brad preferred to be in LA alone. Obviously, again, they are fine, no matter how many times In Touch or Life & Style wants it to be different.

But who cares about these matters when the Chosen One is around.


Who cares about the Chosen One when Miss Zahara is around? Miss Z wants you to see her dance moves. Miss Z is not impressed that mom is hustling them into the car when she could have been throwing down some grooves in front of the cameras.

Note also the difference in footwear.

This is what kills me.

Z’s in sparkly ballet flats and her sister prefers dance class in Puma cleats! Cute!

PS. Angelina visited USO-Metro recently and posed for photos with the families. SO beautiful. She is SO much more beautiful natural as opposed to on a carpet. It’s – to borrow from one of Stephenie Meyer’s only 3 words – f*cking staggering. Have you seen these? Check out that close up. Damn. Click here for more. Thanks Iva!

Photos from GSI Media