Angelina Jolie was with Zahara and Shiloh on Good Friday shopping for shades in LA. As you can see, as always, the Jolie is tactile with her children. I’m told though that you get it in when you can. Because at a certain age, they don’t want to be near you anymore. And they start telling you that you’re old and not cool. Traci, my colleague on The Social, has 10 year old twins. She’s always telling us that the more they grow up, the more anything associated with “mom” is lame. Right now Angelina’s awesome because she won a Kids’ Choice Award for Maleficent. In two years she’ll be a total embarrassment for winning Best Kiss with dad at the MTV Movie Awards in By The Sea.

I don’t have siblings. But I do have cousins. And I imagine that siblings, like close cousins, fight. A lot. Jacek tells me that he and his brother fought all the time when they were younger. What do sibling fights in the Brange household look like?

Z and Shiloh look about the same size. Do they fight over slippers? Pyjamas? Socks? Will they be fighting over sunglasses?