You know how Victoria Beckham always wears stilettos to her kids’ activities? Did you ever think the Jolie would be more Posh than Taupe?

They’re not stilettos, but they’re still wedge heels!

Here’s Angelina Jolie in Malta today with her children – in costume! – at an indoor play park in a long, one sleeve dress and some wedge heels. The Jolie doesn’t own play clothes? Having said that, it’s hot in Malta. And maybe they’re hitting the beach later. Also, she’s carrying around a Louis Vuitton bag. Good timing because her first Louis Vuitton ad was just released this week. You can see it here. Supposedly she isn’t wearing any makeup. But I see eyeshadow?

The Brange are in Malta, as mentioned earlier, because Brad is shooting World War Z. It’s about zombies. Which means Sarah from Cinesnark is really jacked. They’ll be there for a few weeks, then I think it’s off to London. Last night they went out for dinner, kids stayed home, with cast and crew from the production. Us Weekly has an exclusive photo from the restaurant. They both look like they’ve had a few glasses. Again, obviously, they’re fine.

I want the Jolie to meet Princess Catherine of William so that they can have a thin-off .

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