Angelina Jolie brought her kids over to Gwen Stefani’s in London for a playdate. Do they actually sit around and watch the children play? Or do they say, “Have fun! Be nice to your nannies!”, and peel away for a few hours with a glass of wine, or two, and gossip?

You are not a bad mother if you enjoy being away from your kids now and again.

As previously noted, Gwen also hangs out with Gwyneth Paltrow. She took her kids to G’s in May - click here to see the photos and then the ladies went out for dinner. Those photos are here. Do celebrities spontaneously drop in on each other? I guess not. Because imagine if G popped in today? Now that G and Jennifer Aniston are friends, since they’ve had the same publicist for years, I wonder if that’s a pact:

Promise me you’ll never be friends with Angelina.

Gwen obviously doesn’t have to make those pacts and can navigate different groups quite comfortably. Which she’s very good at keeping secrets and she manages to stay out of everyone’s sh-t. Gwen probably knows EVERYTHING.