Angelina Jolie covers the new ELLE. God. Seriously. This face. Natalie, the head makeup artist for The Social, and I are sitting backstage right now looking at these photos. Flawless is overused. But never when it comes to the Jolie. It’s a face that transcends beauty trends. A thousand years from now it’ll still be The Face.

Speaking of her face…

She was asked by the magazine about daughter Vivienne playing young Aurora in Maleficent. But why not the Chosen One Shiloh?

“I asked Shiloh about being Aurora, and she laughed in my face,” Jolie says, with evident pride. “She said she’d be a horned creature.”

Big G Cambridge beats the sh-t out of everything in his path and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt punks off her mother – celebrity kids are finally interesting!

As for Vivs, apparently she’s super attached to her mother, a “shadow”, and that’s why she was so good in the movie – because all she wants to do is be with her ma. There’s also some chat about Brad Pitt, nothing you haven’t heard before, not terribly interesting, definitely not as interesting as the kid talk, and this is coming from me.

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