Are you ready for a Brangelunatic stampede? They’ve been working up that crazy for a while, and now there’s a full opportunity ahead for them to unleash it.

The Los Angeles premiere of Salt is Monday. And now it’s been confirmed that the Jolie will indeed attend Comic-Con on Thursday for a brief appearance just before before the movie opens. As I previously noted, Brad Pitt’s MegaMind is also being featured at the convention. There is a strong possibility that the Pitts will bring their porn to San Diego.


Pitt Porn sells. I always buy the Pitt Porn. Pitt Porn at my first Comic-Con? Don’t hate me. Am heading there on Wednesday for etalk. Now, in addition to having to avoid the smell of the plushies, I will also have to protect against Brangelunatic trampling. Worth it, I guess. We have been deprived of the Pitt Porn for too long.

And we have been deprived of a good old fashioned asskicking Angelina Jolie for too long. As I’ve said so many times already, Salt is the way I want her.

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