But f-ck, why not?

Deadline reported yesterday that Angelina Jolie will direct a movie called Unbroken. #RobstenIsUnbroken? Yes. But no.

But let’s put #RobstenIsUnbroken on our Best of 2012 list anyway, shall we? The Twi-Hard meltdown exceeded all of our expectations. If you can believe it, Nutty Madam’s response to the situation was actually mild in comparison to some of the sh-t that hit my inbox. They crusaded for their love. And in the end, they were rewarded. It’s really too bad Angelina Jolie is too dumb to see that that’s worth filming.

Jolie’s Unbroken is “the unbelievable story of Olympian-turned-WWII POW Louis Zamperini. The project, which Universal has developed for going on 55 years, is closer than ever to becoming a reality. Matthew Baer and Erwin Stoff are producing and Mick Garris is exec producer”.

55 years and they’re finally seeing it through under Angelina Jolie? According to Deadline she “campaigned hard for the film against a number of other directors. Universal execs were very impressed with her sophisticated treatment of difficult subject matter. Her detailed take on Zamperini won her this job”.

And also the fact that she’s Angelina Jolie, right?

As you recall, the Jolie directed In The Land Of Blood And Honey last year, her first feature. It was a solid effort. She’s no Kathryn Bigelow but it was a solid effort. Still...she’s the Jolie. And, well, in addition to her burgeoning directorial talents, she also brings a profile to a project that no other director could match. When she promises to promote the sh-t out of a film, that might carry more weight than, say, someone more experienced. These are studio executives. They care about money, first and always. And the Jolie, with the Pitt, can sell so well. Click here for more on (not Robsten) Unbroken.

But God, can we just get some Pitt Porn for Christmas, PLEASE? They’ve been holding out on his practically all year. Imagine if Nutty Madam was a Brangelunatic?