Angelina Jolie showed up at LAX yesterday with her girls en route to somewhere just as a new clip of her upcoming The Tourist with Johnny Depp was released. As you can see, Miss Zahara has no time for you. Her cut-eye is even more powerful when she’s on the go.

Her sister, the Chosen One however, seems to have a less dramatic disposition. Someone seems excited to go on the airplane with her green backpack. And again, as Duana has noted on several occasions, these Pitt children, there are rarely any meltdowns. Cue Star Magazine’s headline next week: Angie drugs her kids!

If only they could write an article on why she never wears jeans.

As for The Tourist, it’s now scheduled for a December release as the studio hopes the Jolie Depp combination will attract holiday moviegoers. But is it good?

Can’t really tell from this short piece that focuses primarily on Johnny who appears to be playing the part of bumbling fool. I’m not really sure about the delivery of the line, “There are two men trying to break down the door”. Obviously it must be seen in context but the prospect of Johnny playing an idiot, well, it’s interesting, sure, and it might even be funny too, but it has to be really funny. It can’t be medium funny. It can’t be a little bit funny but mostly intense. Was this supposed to be a comedy?

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