The Jolie was in Jordan yesterday working with the UNHCR on behalf of Syrian refugees. People keep talking about dragon blood that she supposedly uses on her skin to keep it smooth. It's a good story, especially as she's playing Maleficent and as Charlize Theron's performance in Snow White is so fresh in our minds. As you can see, the Jolie, here with a fresh face, really does have good skin.

Angelina is not at TIFF. But here's what happens in Toronto during the festival: the rumouring gets out of control. Every day someone's dropping a "I heard George Clooney is going to thisthatthere tonight". Or Ryan Gosling is definitely coming to this skanky party. And on Saturday, there was a wedding happening at the King Edward Hotel. Of course Angelina Jolie was there. 

Obviously not true. But I do wonder who it was that was mistaken for her. Imagine?