We all know the girl who’s newly engaged, right? Or, we’ve all been the girl newly engaged. The one who can’t help herself, she can’t stop smiling, she has to show it off - her happiness, her glow, her ring.

Angelina Jolie is now That Girl.


Well... she’s behaving like she is. She behaved like it yesterday, waving it around in LA. Oh but the Brangelunatics will say she had a meeting at the Roosevelt, what else was she supposed to do?

Please. Nothing, besides a desperate leg, ever happens to the Brange unless they haven’t thought of it first.

Have you ever been to the Roosevelt? We stay at the Roosevelt every year for the Oscars because of its proximity to the venue. I know it quite well. The Roosevelt is at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and North Orange Dr. Most people get dropped off at the back valet entrance which is accessible by driveway off of Orange. Angelina is actually using the side entrance with the steps here that directly faces Orange which, for someone who was dropped off, makes no sense, except of course that photographers can shoot from across the street without obstruction from the side entrance. At the back entrance, where most people get let out, and where she herself has been let out in the past, there’s an awning and a valet stand and shrubs and parked cars that block the view, to say nothing of hotel security, making it possible to only shoot from one vantage point for the paps, and a terrible one at that because it allows for only one second as the subject alights from the vehicle before ducking into the building.  

I’m just saying, if she went in the back, her arrival and departure would have been a LOT more discreet.

But Angelina Jolie is engaged! Who wants to be discreet when they’re engaged?

If you missed my initial report about The Brange Engagement from last Friday, please click here to get caught up. In addition to the engagement, the Jolie is also celebrating her promotion. The UN has announced that she’s just been promoted to Special Envoy from her previous title Goodwill Ambassador. “It is the first time the U.N. refugee agency has named a special envoy, said its spokesman Adrian Edwards. Elsewhere in the global body, such posts are usually reserved for career diplomats or retired politicians.” (Source)

Like, they’ve authorised her to meet in official capacity with world leaders now to “convey messages”. That’s kind of a big ass deal; it’s certainly more than just smiling and being caring. The Jolie is straight up legit political now.   

And the Cannes Film Festival will announce its 2012 lineup on Thursday. Brad Pitt’s new film Killing Them Softly is expected by many to be featured in competition. These two always, always have the best timing, non? And it’s never, ever by accident, see? That’s quite an impressive bounce-back from what happened at the Oscars.