Do they draw straws? What is the child selection process for a Brange one-parent trip? I’m sure in this case it’s something boring. Like Maddox is off at camp, or maybe with dad and grandma Pitt for a racial sensitivity photo opportunity, and the twins are still too young to come along for this one. That leaves Pax, Miss Zahara, and the Chosen One Shiloh with their mother Angelina Jolie in Sarajevo this weekend. The Jolie was there to attend the Sarajevo Film Festival. She lectured on Saturday at the Sarejevo Talent Campus for an audience of 100 aspiring artists. She was also named Honourary Citizen of Sarejevo.

Anyway, as you can see, along with her really long, really gross Maleficent nails, she’s wearing her engagement ring. Since Angie skipped Cannes, according to Us Weekly, this is the ring’s first official public outing. The event at LACMA where it was seen for the first time is considered a private event. I wonder if Angie has to consult with Mrs Jane Pitt about wedding planning. Now that we know more about Mrs Pitt - click here for reference - it almost humanises the Jolie, doesn’t it? Like that might be the only time you could say that “Angelina Jolie is Just Like Us!”: mother-in-law eyerolling.