The clever folks at Bauer Griffin were able to capture the first shots of Angelina Jolie out of the hospital, on the grounds of the Pitt Family chateau watching her kids play.

You will note that even the skinny ass Angie, always at the centre of ridiculous heroin rumours that are complete bollocks because of her veiny arms, even Angie after twins wearing black is fuller everywhere than Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman wearing white.

Gran has skinner genes than the Jolie?

As for the Pitts and their plans, Bauer Griffin claims they’re headed for a Greek holiday on Paul Allen’s yacht. Brad's parents have joined them to spend time with their grandkids. So much for the In Touch/Life & Style/Star Magazine bullsh*ts about his family hating on her big lips.

Click here for photos of the Brange and the children on the lawn. Seriously… the funnest yard ever. Playtime at the Pitts is the best!

PS. On the subject of the Freeze – many of you have written about her stain tempting ensemble from earlier, explaining to this child hating shrew blogger that most women after labour would stay a planet away from white for fear of … um… the dreaded red flow.


Don’t you know by now? Granny ain’t most women! Granny is the exception of all exceptions!