Angelina Jolie arrived in Tokyo on Saturday ahead of today’s Japanese premiere of Maleficent – those shots are coming up in the next post. She had four of the six with her, I guess because Maddox and Miss Zahara accompanied her and Brad Pitt to London a couple of weeks ago for the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict. So, in this case at least, we know how they made the decision – which child combinations get assigned to which travel commitments. It’s rarely this clear though. And still a fascinating mystery.

What kind of music do you think Pax listens to when he’s wearing his blue-purple headphones? I’m going with Kendrick Lamar. I quite like how he and Shiloh the Chosen One are the independent rollers now. They’re not walking with mom, they’re not walking with each other, they don’t have to walk while holding anyone’s hand. Rather, they walk alone. In black. And as soon as they’re allowed, they’ll walk along in black and black eyeliner too. Maybe Pax listens to Green Day.