The Jolie took her two girls out yesterday to a store in LA called Ozzie Dots. They seem to sell costumes. I guess the Chosen One Shiloh wants to be the Bad Angel. For the wedding?

While Us Weekly reported last week that the two are planning on marrying before the end of the year, possibly at their chateau in France, People countered with an interview with the mayor of the French town where they live who insists that if there was to be a wedding, he would know about it, and since he knows nothing about it, that must mean it’s not true.

The man goes over for dinner twice and he thinks he’s privy to the comings and goings of the Brange?

Anyway, as you can see, while it’s normally Shiloh who provides the entertainment on such outings, this time Miss Zahara decided to take the spotlight, skipping down the street at one point, prompting her sister to throw her head back in delight. SO cute. I want that life! Shiloh is already taller than Miss Z. Does that mean she will always be?

As for the Jolie in jeans – she wins the thin-off with Kate Middleton, I think, non? At least Kate’s jeans had the sense to hug her legs. Angelina’s are straight up baggy.

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